Transparent fee structure?

To be effective in helping a client's life, therapy has to be both accessible and affordable. To that end, the Initial Consultation is Free & Without Obligation, more info here  - 

Until Further Notice, in response to the pandemic and the increase in anxiety, stress and depressive disorders, I am providing 1 extra FREE SESSION, to any package taken. That means you will now get 6 sessions for the price of 4  .  .  .

From the very first moment you step into my office, you know it's about you! Transparency is the byword of the Trans4mational Therapy Centre. Everything you need to know, it's here on the website and the best place to see everything on this website is right HERE! 

To make the decision-making process as simple and easy as possible, there's even a Free Consultation. The purpose of the Free, 1 hour, Consultation is to discuss your particular concern in more depth. Then we can discuss the treatment options and costs involved, And best of all, you get to make that decision, free of any obligation! Also, with your consent, you can try a complimentary Hypnosis session, this is almost always a very pleasant experience! Hypnosis is a feeling modality and you can only truly assess your confidence in my ability to help you; once you have experienced what hypnosis is like!

There are a variety of session options and a 20% (current offer above = 33%) discount for multiple sessions packages. That said, my therapy is consensual and I always want clients to choose the number of sessions or package that meets their personal requirements and needs. More relating to this can be found on the Free Consultation link above.

All sessions come with free email support. Single sessions are provided on a week by week/session by session basis.

The 4 (5) session package has an extra 1 month of free email after therapy ends (that is either after the last session or within 2 months from the first).

The 6 session package has 2 months of free email support (that is either after the last session or within 3 months from the first).

Hypno-coaching comes with 1 month of free email support (that is either after the last session or within 4 months from the first).

Trans4mational Therapy:



Single sessions are only $285.00 (90 mins) 

* 50% more time than most other therapists! *

Book 4 sessions get 1 free for only $1140.00 for 5 sessions

Upgrade package 6 sessions for $1282 (25% discount)


Rapid session Therapy   


Single Sessions are ONLY  $200.00 (60 min)  

Book 4 sessions get 1 free for only $800.00 for 5 sessions




Single sessions are ONLY $200.00 (60 min)

Book 2-month course of 10 sessions for only $1800.00


EFT: (emotional freedom techniques)



Single Sessions are ONLY $200 (60 min) 

Book 4 sessions get one free only $800.00

With any of the above therapy’s, if you book and pay for a course of sessions I provide 1 session FREE of Charge; except for Hypno-Coaching which is 2 free sessions and you make the decision of whether to continue treatment at the end of the first session (an informed decision is an essential part of my therapy).


My Smoking Cessation Therapy is a 2 session programme

Because people vary in their response to Hypnosis the first session allows us both to evaluate the very best approach to suit the individual's needs. Usually, the sessions are a few days apart. The cost of the Stop Smoking programme is $800.00 (240mins)

Sessions are generally booked weekly (with the exception of smoking cessation) and 24 hours notice is required for cancellation including the initial Consultation Sessions cancelled without the required notice will be charged as if taken; emergencies excepted!

Payment can be made by cheque, cash PayPal or Credit Card

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